Active Rehab/Exercise Therapy

What is Active Rehab?

Whether you are looking to build muscle strength, improve Range of motion or preparing for a specific task, our experienced and skilled physiotherapist can help you to achieve your goals. Active rehab includes in but not limited to:-

  • Rehabilitation Equipment Assessment & Prescription
  • Injury Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy
  • Personal Training/ Exercise Prescription
  • Special Population Exercise Design & Conduction
  • Health Promotion/ Education
  • Gait Analysis and correction

Why to choose Active Rehab?

You will be provided with a thorough, full body assessment, to locate and identify any functional limitations/abilities. Our expert physiotherapist will incorporate your exercise history, injury history, and current limitations to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. By teaching you the foundations of safe exercise, stretching and proper injury care, we provide you with self care tools for a lifetime. Active rehab provides you with required tools you need to maintain that healthy lifestyle of your choice.

Who will pay for Active Rehab as an ICBC claimant?

If you have an ongoing open ICBC cliam you will be covered 100% for the active rehab program. We will take care of all approval process with the ICBC. Assessment would be done without approval to give you feedback on your injury status.

If you do not have an ICBC claim, come and ask for special discounted rates.